Rustic Handmade Flags

Subdued Besty Ross

Flag Size: 36"x19"


Each piece of wood is hand-selected and meticulously prepared to ensure a truly wonderful and very unique design piece. The stripes are then burned black, The White stripes are left with the natural pine look and the union is also burned black. The thirteen stripes are then glued together with interior/exterior glue.

To ensure the flag stays together, the back of the flag is secured with 6  1″ x 3″ wood strips glued and stapled to the back of the flag. Each star is HAND engraved making the flag a one-of-a-kind piece of art. The flag is then charred to perfection. Each flag is finished with a protectant for Indoor or Outdoor Protectant

Don’t worry about the cost of shipping, as always we provide shipping service. 

**Please note that there may be variations in colors due to lighting as well as variations in the pieces of wood. The stripes may not be perfectly flush with each other as these are rustic American wood flags and each flag is unique, No two flags are the same.**

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